Sample quiz questions

Fill in the blanks
  1. The copyeditor works for three people: _____________, _____________, and _____________.
  2. Text introducing a block quotation can be followed by a colon only when it is an _____________ _____________.
  3. The two broad sets of conventions for the treatment of numbers are _____________ (or scientific) style and _____________ (or humanistic style).
  4. _____________ are used to enclose text that the author wishes to insert into a quotation or add for the purposes of clarification or explanation.
  5. When an author wishes to quote only a portion of a sentence, _____________ points replace the omitted words.
  1. If you do not see your course listed in the blue tab bar, check if it is listed under the 201110 or 201113 term under the "My Active Sites" tab.
  2. Jamba Juice, (NASDAQ: JMBA), a highly recognized, healthy active lifestyle brand, announced today the signing of a purchase agreement for 15 stores in Denver, Colorado with existing multi-unit franchise operators, Scott Maltz, David Wagonfeld, and Larry Kaufman, who currently operate 15 other Jamba Juice outlets in the Central California region.
  3. Related Va. Military Shootings Now at 5
    Bone Found in Search For Missing N.C. Girl
  4. Hawaiian Telcom rebrands, post-bankruptcy
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  6. Franchise operators, Maltz, Wagonfeld, and Kaufman joined the Jamba Juice franchise in February 2010 with the purchase of eight stores.
  7. They said they plan to sleep in their SUV, a five-year-old Chevy Tahoe, into which they’ve packed boxes of important documents, bags of clothes, some food
  8. Andy was a beloved husband and a true champion. Irons, 32, withdrew from a professional surfing event in Puerto Rico last weekend due to illness and passed away during a layover en-route to his home in Kauai, Hawaii.
  9. The tone of the ads were distasteful actually. They were too personal , said Gil Doles.
  10. “It was just a God given talent,” said Rocky Canon.
  11. But critics said the project keeps changing in favor of the developer and the public and taxpayers are the losers.
  12. Everybody is a great UH fan, so I expect to see more customers come in. We do have TVs in stock for that and also for the holiday season," said Angela Skrivanek, Customer Solutions Manager of Best Buy.
  13. The charges are related to them reporting hours working at DUI checkpoints when they did not, according to the State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers.
  14. Hanahau‘oli School admits Students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school.
  15. Combined with JAL’s other daily operations to Narita, Nagoya and Osaka, the airline will offer six daily nonstop flights between Honolulu and Japan for a total of 42 flights a week.
  16. Maui trustee Boyd Poki Mossman is the only candidate for that seat and will gain for a third four-year term.
  17. After his first two seasons as head coach, McMackin has guided the Warriors to 13 wins, which is tied for the second most among modern day UH coaches after their second year.
  18. The term “eccentric” could equally be applied to the artists’ personalities—several of the Eight Eccentrics cultivated artistic personae that sometimes were as much of a draw to patrons as much as the inherent aesthetic qualities of their work.
  19. Our public employee pension fund, one of the most generous in the Nation, is rated the 5th worst in the country, and is underfunded by several billion dollars.
  20. We'll make you any drink. you like.
  21. You've got a camera there, people waiting hand over foot on you, you're making fifty thousand dollars week.
  22. As the twentieth century dawned, so too dawned a new age of employee-employer relations would be defined by the American Charles Taylor, who developed the notion of "scientific management."
  23. She called Randolph Driblette from a pay booth, to see it he'd known about this Wells, Fargo incident.
  24. This may become inconvenient for those who uses the Wi-Fi often and have to log in every single time, for those who attempts to log in with a handheld device, or to those who are restoring their previous browsing session only to find all one-hundred tabs have been redirected towards the login page because you haven't logged in yet, making you scream with rage as your peers stares at you wondering "What has this kid been smoking?"
  25. Order your copy today, listen to a free sample from the audiobook, and follow "Earth" on Facebook for exclusive updates, information about book signings and more!
  26. A memorial for Erwin Celes still sits inside Little Caesar's Pizza in Wahiawa - where the 19 year old had worked for the past year.
  27. The driver of a white Volkswagen sedan, who was parked illegally at Hale Noelani, was cited and had her car booted for allegedly displaying a counterfeited parking permit.
  28. “This is everyday clothes.” Tina Knowles
  29. 1 Bedroom Studio Apt with kitchen and bathroom in a quiet area. Kitchen has stove and refrigerator. Looking for an honest, responsible quiet person. No drugs, alcohol nor bad habits,
  30. 1992 Ford Ranger Pickup truck automatic 4wd no hubs to change. Some rust but reliable. Extra new starter new safety. Price is firm
  31. Excellent on GAS, 4 cylinder but very strong. 159000 miles. Please contact me at 688 4856. Alarm and Key less entry. Asking for $1,999 OBO
  32. Artist / Painter Needed (Maui)
    I am looking for an artist to paint a sign for my new company.
    I need someone who knows how to paint waves and people surfing in an abstract way.
    Please if you have samples of your work, could you send them to me.
    I would like to get a feel for who is on island that has the right touch.
    The Job pays 200$ to paint 1 sign. of 7'-6" x 20".
    Let me know if you are interested.
  33. Otherwise there is some postings with odd text arrangements.
  34. These girls didn’t here through their whole lives, ‘Put your shoulders back’…
  35. While a clinic is in the work to brighten smiles, the group will also work towards educating children about dental health.
  36. Pull Hardly for Entry
  37. Stationery, Stationary, Personal Stationery, Personalized Stationery
  38. The projects architect, Kevin Harrison, has said the project is slated to be completed for the autumn 2011 preschool session.
  39. A town that has now covered themselves in scarecrow style masks, preparing to burn Lois Lane alive with a kryptonite powered blue flame!
  40. It’s generally hit or miss with child actors but Stanhope delivers a great performance in an important role.
  41. There “oooohhhhhh” sounds as they waited for Alex to blow out his candles was just freaky.
  42. The world’s that Starkiller visits in the game are beautiful, and make me want to know more about the cultures that they represent…
  43. It’s far too redundant, too short, and doesn’t have an interesting story.
  44. …it is the source of all government powers, and also provides important limitations on the government that protect the fundamental rights of United States citizens.
  45. What’s up Doc?