Sunday, April 1, 2007

Last week's class and computer editing

Hi everyone. I've been a little out of touch since returning from New York, and Spring Break hasn't helped. Pat, I was wondering if you could recommend some computer editing resources that I could look at to make up what I missed in class last week.

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Pat said...

We started chapter 15, but did not finish; we'll take it up again when we meet next.

Don't forget, everyone, that class will be held in the colloquium room (across the hall from where we regularly meet) and that you should bring an extra sweater (it's even colder in there than in room 409).

Also don't forget that due on the 13th are (1) a draft of your handout and (2) a status report on your presentation. You will be marked down if you don't have these prepared.

Please resume blogging next week; I'll upload test 4 this week, and your posts can be about the test.