Monday, April 9, 2007

Test 4 Questions

For Part A, 64, the last word in the sentence, “industry,” shows up on the following page. Is it okay to delete “industry” on the following page and insert it in the sentence on the previous page?

For Par C, are we answering the questions based on the original, intact version of Par B? Or would it be acceptable to use the version after our editing?


Pat said...

Yes, you can move industry.

Unless your edited version contains the numbers of restrictive clauses, gerunds, et cetera that I ask you to identify, it is better to use the unedited text to complete Part C.

In other words, read the text your editing has produced, and if you can complete Part C using it, do so.

Anonymous said...

Uhh, so I'm going to type out the answers to Part C on a word document with the incorrect spelling; I hope this is OK!

Pat said...

A-OK :)