Sunday, March 11, 2007

Carets and moving text

I know we're not suppose to post, but I consistently run into this problem when copy editing: moving a piece of a sentence after striking something. I usually need to add a word or two, so where do I insert it? Do I insert it in the text that is moving or where the text is going to move?

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Pat said...

There isn't one rule for a situation like this. You have to take into account factors like the following:

1. How much editing you've done to the surrounding text.

2. What would be easier for the typesetter/keyboarder to understand.

3. What serves logic and common sense.

4. Avoiding such no-nos as (a) crossing lines, (b) drawing lines through the text, and (c) writing letters or words outside a bracket (remember Ritchie's question in class about ze being outside the bracket in one of the textbook exercises).

In other words, you have to use your editorial judgement in cases like this. If you feel that it would be best to simply cross out the passage and rewrite it in the margin, do that instead.