Sunday, March 4, 2007

Images, Charts, Graphs

I just finished reading a book that featured numerous image figures. How do copy editors usually handle figures, charts, diagrams, illustrations, etc.? Is this normally a text editor's responsibility? Or do images fall in the bailiwick of the layout artist or graphic designer?


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that charts and graphs fall under format, which is the job of the copyeditor; however, I think the way the graph looks (font, size, color, etc.) is under the jurisdiction of the graphic designer/layout artist. But, I'm guessing!

Pat said...

Anything with words in it—e.g., photo captions, tables, figures, acknowledgements, dedications, source credits—gets looked at by the copyeditor.

The graphic designer's job is to create the styles that are applied to the textual elements (we'll go over this in detail when we have our computers-and-editing class).

At MANOA, our graphic desiger is also our art editor, which means that she is in charge of the look of the journal and the art that we feature in each issue. However, the editorial staff has to be sure that the text for the art is formatted correctly, styled correctly, proofread, and so forth.