Sunday, September 26, 2010

Capitalization Confusion

Since I wasn't in class Thursday I'm not sure whether or not this was discussed, so I'll mention it anyway. I felt like I really knew the rules of capitalization until I attempted the exercise on page 164. Some of the words were pretty clear, like lower-casing "Staff Secretary," but others really threw me, "Deputy Undersecretary of the Army" for example. I think the context made this exercise a little bit more difficult. Did anyone else feel this way?


Cindy said...

On page 154 of the text, in the last section, the book about "Titles and Offices."

It says "a person's title or office is capitalized only when it directly proceeds a personal name and is part of the name."

Also, I found an additional resource at:

Cindy said...

I couldn't figure out how to edit a comment after posting.

I meant to say the book talks about..

Pat said...

Sorry, Ashley, to not respond to your post earlier. The Excel file that I sent everyone last week should have helped you to complete the exercise. Please print it out and look it over; we can talk about it tomorrow if you have questions.

Pat said...

Many thanks for the additional resource, Cindy. That website is one of my favorites--well written and organized and immensely helpful.