Sunday, September 5, 2010

Words with double consonants

English spelling has always confused me with regard to double consonants. I almost always double-check the dictionary when writing words like "embarrassment" or "caroling" (vs the variant British spelling "carolling"). I was wondering if there was any kind of rule for the double consonant in English?

In my quest to answer this question on the internet, I found this list of frequently misspelled words:

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Pat said...

Looks like a good resource, Samantha. Thank you.

There are spelling tips in our textbook. See chapter 5 (pp. 121 to 145). Don't worry about reading every page. First scan the pages to see what the topics are, and then focus on things that are of particular interest to you. At the end of the chapter, on pp. 146 and 147, is an exercise. I may give this in class, but feel free to work on it.