Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another Grammar Infraction

I was surfing the net the other day for something and caught this ad. I barely even noticed it. Interesting how much an apostrophe can throw everything off.

Below is a comic strip that I thought was pretty funny because I always have to ask myself that same question.


Pat said...

I would say that the salad poster deserves a gold medal for apostrophe misuse.

As for the owl cartoon, I have to send that one to my friend Michael (aka The Grammar King).

Thank you, Joaquin!

Chad said...

Oh, those abused apostrophes make me sigh in dismay. :(

Samantha said...

Wow. I can't believe someone would pay to have something that large published, especially as an advertisement, and not have it edited. For shame.

I think that apostrophe errors are noticeable to me (for the most part) because the rules were deeply ingrained in me as a child. Other grammatical rules, such as hyphenation, weren't presented to me until much more recently (now) so they're more difficult for me to find and figure out. I guess I just want to shake my fist at the failures of our education system for allowing these kinds of errors!