Friday, October 8, 2010

Reporting on Movies

At my internship this week I did interviews with some really incredible film makers and producers. When I was writing about the films I realized I did not know how what to do with the title of their movies. With essays you always put the title in quotation, Toni Morrison addresses the black woman's view on women's lib in her essay, "What the Black Woman thinks about Women's Lib." The title of a book is in italics. I am reading Toni Morrison's book, Tar Baby. But what do you do when you are referencing a movie or a documentary?

I will get back with you when I find out, or you can let me know if you find out first. In all the reviews, some capitalized the entire title, some italicised and some put the title in quotations. I am not sure what to do or who to follow?


Pat said...

Titles of movies, TV series, radio series, and paintings are all italicized. I'll cite the sections in our textbook in a follow-up comment.

Chad said...

Ah, Pat got to it before I could! :)

Yeah, precisely what Pat said is correct. Generally, the titles of complete works are italicized.

Pat said...

Sorry, Chad! Someone woke me up shortly after midnight :-( and I got on the computer.

Unfortunately, our textbook doesn't cover this subject adequately (in my humble opinion); see page 163. CHICAGO is much more thorough. And as its update tells us, it now recommends that photograph and exhibition titles also be italicized.

Lisa Leinaala said...

Thanks everyone. I have come to realize that with movies people really use their own rules on citing. For instance, in one synopsis of a movie the writer capitalized the entire title of the movie, he was the producer as well, every time he referred to it. I will try and post examples of this phenomena and confusion!

Pat said...

In general, the titles of shorter works--such as newspaper articles and stories--are romanized and enclosed in quotation marks.