Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hyphenated compound

Because I wondered what other compounds would be treated like "most recent edition" (in Exercise F), I checked the Chicago Manual of Style Online (16th edition) and found that this compound comes under the rule for adverb not ending in ly + participle or adjective.

The guideline is:

Hyphenate before but not after a noun; compounds with more, most, less, least, and very usually open unless ambiguity threatens.


a much-needed addition
it was much needed
little-understood rules
a too-easy answer
the best-known author
a lesser-paid colleague
the most efficient method
a less prolific artist
a more thorough exam
the most skilled workers (most in number)
the most-skilled workers (most in skill)


Pat said...

Fantastic; thank you, Tisha!

Pat said...

A phrase I came across in an essay I was editing recently: second most spacious country (a reference to Canada). I left it open.

joaquin said...

Thanks for adding the rule in there. It really helps to try to get a grasp of what your examples.