Thursday, October 7, 2010

Grammar Cops

I was looking around online for grammar resources and stumbled on the Grammar Police site. I sort of got stuck there looking at past posts, but just wanted to share one particular snippet that I found enlightening.

Apparently, TBS has a new slogan, "more movies... less commercials," and the folks over at the Grammar Police aren't happy about it:
OK, everybody repeat after us …
I will use “less” for amounts that cannot be counted as discrete items, such as, water, sunshine, and money.
I will use “fewer” for numbers of items that can be counted as discrete items, such as, drops of water, rays of sunshine, dollar bills, and … of course, commercials!
I had never really considered this before, but it makes so much sense!


Pat said...

Hear, hear!

Another dedicated group: Apostophe Protection Society.

Samantha said...

That's along the lines of "Enjoy Coke. Everyday." No wonder we're all confused by grammar!