Tuesday, January 23, 2007


My question is kind of niggling, actually. I believe I may have missed it in class: For an em-dash, is it always necessary to indicate with the appropriate mark (1/M, my best approximation)? Or does it only apply when the word processing program fails to convert the -- into a long dash? Or have I reversed this dilemma? It actually would seem easier to me if the author or editor left the m-dash as a --.

(from Ryan)

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Pat said...

You should, yes, mark the double hyphens or em-dashes as em-dashes. And yes, I agree that it would be easier for the copyeditor if the author used double hyphens.

If, however, you are given a printout of the digital version—and that version has em-dashes—you don't need to mark the em-dashes.

Sorry if this response sounds confusing; I'll try to go over your question in class. Please remind me if I forget.