Monday, January 15, 2007

Guide to Grammar & Writing website

Does anyone know what style the Guide to Grammar & Writing website is using? I've used this site before and really like it, but want to know if the grammatical references are adhering to the Chicago Manual of Style.


Pat said...

Sumi, this is an intriguing question. Can you refer us to a page or give us an example of what you mean?

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,
I'm sorry for responding so late! While looking for an example, I think I found my answer. It appears the Guide to Grammar & Writing website doesn't take a stance or adhere to any particular style, but is inclusive of most styles. An example can be found at: regarding the use of apostrophes in possessive forms. However, we all know from taking your class that the Chicago Manual of Style's rule is to use an ‘s after most proper nouns including names ending in s; whereas other style manuals like the AP Stylebook has an altogether different rule. Thank you!

Pat said...

Yes, that's right. Thanks for pointing this out, Sumi :)