Sunday, January 21, 2007

italics vs. quotation marks

The answer to question number 5 in Exercise 5 says we should italicize the words this and that in the sentence. I placed quotation marks instead. In class we had discussed that quotation marks are fine but I was wondering if there is a preference? Is one form more appropriate than the other? When do you italicize and when do you place quotation marks (excluding cases where there are quotes or implied writer's opinion)?


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Pat said...

My guess is that the textbook is following the style specified for what's called "words as words" in Chicago Manual of Style.

If you take a look at pages 170 and 171 of the textbook, you'll see how style manuals differ in their instructions regard italics. The choice you make will be dictated by the kind of publication you copyedit and what's called the "house style"—the style preferred by the press you work for.