Monday, January 22, 2007

Errors Where There May Be None

This isn't really a technical question, but it's one that has definitely come up for me (especially when we looked at the review of Beyond Words). When copyediting, how do you avoid a certain sense of "paranoia?" I sometimes find that when I am looking for errors, I look too hard and find error where there perhaps is none. Is it just a matter of becoming more comfortable with copyediting? Is there a way to relax about it a little? Or is it better to be, sort of, overly cautious? Maybe this feeling will pass. But, I was just wondering. Thanks.

(from Jenny)

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Pat said...

If someone gives me a pair of drumsticks and a set of drums, I can make an awful racket; but is it music? No. It's not music until I learn rhythm, learn how to read a score, practice a lot, and so forth.

Once you know what to look for—and that is what the course is all about—the anxiety you feel will pass. That is, once you master the skill, it will become an art.