Tuesday, January 16, 2007

i'm like, "what?"

Quick question: When punctuating dialogue, and the person has the tendency to said "like" a lot; do we need commas around "like"?
I'm asking because I know a court reporter who has to deal with this dilemma when she transcribes depositions verbatim.

I thought he was like going to stab me!
I thought he was, like, going to stab me!

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Pat said...

Webster's Dictionary says as follows:

Informal. (used preceding a WH-word, an answer to a question, or other information in a sentence on which the speaker wishes to focus attention): Like, why didn't you write to me? The music was, like, really great.

The dictionary defines "WH-word" as follows:

n. an interrogative or relative pronoun in English, typically beginning with wh-, as what, why, where, which, who, or how.