Thursday, October 11, 2007

Word choices on weekends

Hey everyone, we've been talking about word choice and wordiness a bit over the past few weeks so I decided to tell a little story about a night out with my friends and how word choice can start to some interesting conversations. My friends and I were playing darts and were a tad inebriated. Before throwing darts, my friend says, "ok so you put the onus on me huh?" Being a "word nerd" I understood what he was saying, the responsibility was on him to have a good dart round in order for us to win. However, my other friends didn't hear him properly and thought he said the word that it sounds similar to but has a totally different meaning (you guys know what word im talking about.) So they totally started to tease him and ask things like "why would you say that?" Being the only one who understood what he was trying to say I had to defend what he said and try to explain what he was really trying to say. However, my friends wanted no part of my explanation so I decided to strike up a conversation with my friend with words that my other friends wouldn't understand, using academic jargon. After doing this my other friends gave up trying to listen to what we were talking about a started to ignore us for the rest of the night. So the moral of the story is that wordiness and word choice doesn't just effect writing , it effects fun drinking nights with your buddies.


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