Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Capitalization Quiz

This is more of a comment in addition to the longer discussion Cindy started earlier.

Going over the capitalization quiz, I had issues with "Fulbright fellowship" in number 14:
Last spring, sometime in late March, I believe, Grillbody heard that he had been awarded a Fulbright fellowship.

The quiz says that the word fellowship is not capitalized. I feel that it should be because the two words together represent the proper name of the fellowship.

Which way is correct? Or is this just an example of up/down style?

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Pat said...

When I commented on a similar question from Cindy, I quoted Einsohn (p. 152) towards the end of my response: "Most authors do not have strong opinions about capitalization; for others, however, capitalization is not merely a matter of typography [or convention] but an issue of according or denying status to a term."

To her words, I added mine: "In academic and political contexts, the enforcement of status can supersede what is standard practice elsewhere; these are exceptional cases, of course."

In the case you're citing, Ashley, fellowship is meant to be a categorical term--not part of the name, I believe. As I understand it, there are several kinds of Fulbright fellowships, each with its own designation.