Sunday, November 7, 2010

Punctuation Acronyms?

I was going over the suggested material and was wondering if anybody has any mnemonic devices that I can use to remember the rules for punctuations?


Pat said...

Joaquin, please look at the punctuation pattern sheet I handed out. This simple sheet--which I think originally came from Darin Payne--will help you remember the information on pages 78 and 79 of our textbook. In addition to studying the sheet, I would suggest you look at the examples in the chapter. They are very good.

As for mnemonic devices for punctuation, I don't think there are any and I don't see how they could be constructed.

Chad said...

Yes, I think the myriad rules for punctuating sentences properly--and the fact that there are so many differing punctuation marks--are too complex and numerous to lend themselves well to simple mnemonic devices.