Monday, November 8, 2010

Yet Another Studying Query…

Regarding the terms we have to define in our sample quiz questions, I'm finding we've used them so much in class that they've just become inherent (much like the grammar rules, as I mentioned in an earlier post). So I thought I would try running the definitions I came up with by everyone else. I’m having quite a bit of trouble with these so I’m really hoping for some feedback!

  • Style Sheet: A database composed from and kept for a specific document to ensure consistency throughout said document. Items on a style sheet include, but are not limited to, punctuation, special symbols, numbers, and an alphabetical list.
  • House Style: The set of preferences an editor must follow when editing for a certain company or publishing house. These preferences include a preferred style manual and dictionary, among others, which all help to avoid inconsistencies.


Pat said...

Good job on these definitions, Ashley. I think I would make one major suggestion: instead of using the word database, which refers to a computer program, you might think about using form, which Einsohn uses on page 442. You'd probably have to do some rewording, but you'd end up with a definition that would be applicable in more cases.

Of course, if an editor works on an entire book--especially one for a certain occupation or field of study--he or she might have so many entries that a database is required in order to keep track of them. This happened to me while I was working on the UH Press book. However, starting with a general definition of style sheet--rather than one limited by the word database--seems to me better.

a.angello said...

Thank you! I was having a lot of difficulty articulating these.