Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Innate Grammar

As I fill out my list of items, I realize that I can recognize errors and fix them but can't necessarily explain WHAT the grammatical error is. Does anyone else have this problem? Maybe this is more a question for Pat, because it's a little frustrating!


a.angello said...

I found a really great website (I think it may have been mentioned in class but just in case it hasn't I want to make sure I mention it here!) that helps to better explain grammar rules. For example, I knew I needed a comma before a "which" clause but not a "that" clause, and this website clarified why that is. Here it is:

joaquin said...

I also have this problem. I know the rules but can't really put any name to them. For instance, in the sample quiz that was posted on this blog asking about nonrestrictive appositives, I am sorry to admit that I had to Google what surrounded these grammar structures. It was obvious what it was once I found the answer, but I just got frustrated at not knowing the exact term used for it.