Sunday, November 28, 2010

Opportunities for Students at UHM Publications

I was talking to some of the people that work with the KaLeo, Kalamakua, and Hawai'i Review the other day. They mentioned to me that they were in some serious need of people that know how to edit, write, or both. Pretty much what I got from this is that there is a serious need for people that can add quality content to either of these publications. The Board of Publications (BOP) is the overseeing board for the publications that we have on campus and have a list explaining what some of these publications are about. Also, on the "Publications" tab on the BOP website navigation menu, there are all of the publication's open positions.

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Pat said...

Wonderful, Joaquin. On the last day of class, I was going to talk about job opportunities. Thank you for bringing up the subject and letting everyone know what's available at BOP.