Sunday, February 18, 2007

Correction similarity

My comment is similar to Moon Yun's in that I'm referring to our first test quite a bit. Mostly because when I make a correction to the test, I immediately realize that I'm making the same marks and corrections that the first test had. I know my subconscious is at work here, because when I come across a sentence, I know from the previous test what word might improve the over-all flow. More often than not it's the same word, or the same striking of multiple words.

Personally, I have a huge fear about accidental/unintentional plagiarism. I think that's why I have such a strong interest in copyediting in the first place. It's very hard to plagiarize sentence corrections, fixes to grammar, and spelling suggestions. However at this point in time I am panicking just a little because I realize it may be possible to plagiarize copyediting marks too!

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Pat said...

Davis and Moon Yun, perhaps this bit of advice will help: the text is in the form of a business letter. If you aren't sure how to write one, please search online for guidelines. There are many sites with this information.

You could also discard the version of the text with my editing marks and start afresh.