Thursday, February 22, 2007

is the list format a style choice?

Last minute question: I was wondering about the list of the things Dzanc is planning on doing. Do we move it to align with the rest of the text (on the first page of the letter) and over to the left on the following page or is it okay to leave it indented? And, if we do need to move it, do we use the marks for align or for flush left? Does it even matter or is it the copyeditor's choice of style? Personally, I like to think that it looks okay as it is, but that's probably just me being lazy and not wanting to make a decision about how to put in the editing marks. I just don't know if it needs to be moved or not, since Pat moved it, but we've already discussed how we don't need to copy all of her editing marks.

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Pat said...

I was hoping someone would ask this; thanks, Jenna :)

As a copyeditor, you need to be aware of formatting. If you decide that the format of the list is OK, you must be sure that the format is followed consistently and correctly.