Tuesday, February 13, 2007


(from Moon Yun)

As I mentioned in my previous question, I'm the editor for an online movie website called "Ain't It Cool News." I have a very good writer who writes with a lot of flair. The problem is she doesn't have formal education in journalism so she lacks the style and the standard format. I noticed that when she submits her articles. I don't want to ruin her natural flair but do you think I should come up with suggestions to make her a better, yet formal, writer?

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Pat said...

I suggested before that you consider using a style guide, perhaps the AP manual, for your website. I'd make the same recommendation in this case.

Adhering to a style manual—and citing it in your communications with your writers—will protect your personal relationships with these people. It will also, as I said before, give your site coherence and unity.