Monday, February 26, 2007

style vs. clarity

I know that we will talk about the test in depth on Friday, but I wanted to know already if I shot myself in the foot with my version. I know that copyeditors aren't supposed to rewrite things, but I felt as if I did that. Quite a bit. At some points, it bordered substantially. However, it was for the sake of clarity and purpose! Which was I supposed to take into consideration more? The purpose of the email (to present a business front in order to recruit literary journals into projects) or the author's style ("not great")? Is it okay because it was a business-type letter since those should be more cookie cutter? I would never take liberties like that with a piece of fiction or poetry.

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Pat said...

In this case, it's not possible to both keep the author's style and help him achieve his goal. As we all recognize, I think, the Dzanc letter can't be turned into a successful business letter without rewriting and reorganizing.

I'll have to take a look at your test to give you a more specific answer, OK? Please look for an e-mail message from me about this.