Tuesday, February 6, 2007


(from Moon Yun)

This class will come in handy because I'm also the editor of an influential movie website called "Ain't It Cool" news. One of my writers, though a good reporter, is in need of a good editor. He makes so many mistakes, whether it's grammer, spelling, sentence construnction. You name it; he does it. He's hyper sensitive so I can't complain to his face. Or can I? Is there a diplomatic way of saying, "Hey, you need to look over your copy." Or should I stay silent and use the new skills to edit his text to the best of my abilities?

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Pat said...

One thing you might try is selecting a style guide for your site. For example, you might inform your writers that from now on, they must conform to AP style. This would not only help writers like the young man you're describing but also give the various pieces at your site coherence and uniformity.

You could also see if someone is willing to volunteer—in return for the experience and being named on your site as a staff member—some time as a copyeditor.

If you decide that it's best for you to do the editing, I'd suggest you draft a couple of e-mail messages in which you explain what you did and why. Please feel free to bring these in and solicit comments from the class. I think everyone would benefit from such a discussion.