Monday, February 19, 2007

em-dashes again

I had a problem with the em-dash on the first test and I still can't figure out how to make one on my computer. I have it correct once (but that might have been from the original text and had nothing to do with me), but the rest of mine didn't turn out. I Googled it and it says to use two hypens and that will make an em-dash, but mine won't change. Any suggestions?

Also, is that how I would use "Google" as a verb? :P


Pat said...

Google as a verb has entered the common vocabulary; I don't like to use it that way, but I hear it frequently. No problem with me if you use it :)

To make the em-dash on my Mac, I use a shortcut key: option + shift + hyphen. There must be a corresponding shortcut on PCs. Let's see if someone posts a comment on it.

jenny d said...

To make an em-dash I just type in two hyphens and begin typing the next word as usual (NO SPACE). When you hit the space bar to move onto the second word, it morphs it into the em-dash. Hope that helps.

Pat said...

Good; thanks, Jenny.