Monday, February 12, 2007

Test #1

Is it OK to ask a question about test #1? On the third page, in the ninth section on databases, why is the comma struck? I dwelled on that very spot a few times during the week before the test was due. I thought the "and" was being inserted with a caret. Perhaps someone can help me understand the symbol that was given and why the comma needed to be taken out. Thanks.


Takashi said...

I had to take a very close look at that symbol too.

Three options came into my mind when I looked at the symbol:
(A). Insert “and” between ‘submit’ and the comma;
(B). Insert “and” after the comma, between the comma and ‘when;’ and
(C). Get rid of the comma and insert “and.”

(A) would have looked like this: “…submit and, when…”
To me, (A) didn’t make much sense, because the comma before “when” made the sentence a bit confusing. Besides, Pat would have needed the ♯ symbol to create the space between ‘submit’ and the “and.” (or not?)

(B) would have looked like this: “…submit, and when…”
I dismissed (B) because if Pat wanted to insert “and” after the comma, she had a plenty of space to do so without inserting a caret so close to the comma.

So I was left with (C) and this option made most sense to me. It seemed to me that the caret was overlapping the comma, so I assumed that Pat wanted to get rid of the comma.

I hope I made sense…

Pat said...

Great explanation, Takashi; thank you.

Please note too that the insertion of the comma is not supported by the Punctuation Pattern Sheet.