Saturday, February 3, 2007

Grammar Girl

Someone told me about this great new podcast called the Grammar Girl's Quick & Dirty Tips for Better Writing. So I checked it out and I love it! Grammar Girl discusses the most commonly made grammar mistakes (or is it grammatical mistakes?) and then goes into correct usage, all in a few minutes. You can visit Grammar Girl's website at:, or visit the iTunes store and search for Grammar Girl under Podcasts.

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Pat said...

Thank you, Sumi! I'd heard about Grammar Girl but had not checked her out. Thanks for the incentive to do so. I liked her podcast on lie and lay and am still thinking about her suggestion to use the phrase "Lay it on me" as a way of keeping the two words straight. I look forward to listening to more of GG's podcasts, and I'm sure I'll bring up in class at least some of her helpful tips.